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Parts List P/N 40752G-01

No.DescriptionPart No.
1Retaining Ring (10/pk)00009M-03
2Right Dome11353P-66
3Filter, Outer, Yellow (1 each)15511P-02
4Module with Bracket40770G-01
5Screws (10/pk)13180P-03
6Filter, Middle, Charcoal (1 each)15510P-04
7Filter, Inner (1 each)15509P-02
8Filter (Left)15512P-03
9Undercut Gel Earseal (pair)40863G-02
10Overhead Cord Kit22607G-12
11Headband Spring15093P-01
No.DescriptionPart No.
12Headpad Assy40075G-02
13Stirrup & Clamp Kit22378G-08
14Switch, Rotary09500P-21
15Volume Control Knob15109P-02
16Clip, Cord (4/pk)15125P-02
17Battery Cord Assy40186G-01
189V Battery09525P-17
19Cloth Battery Case LH40175G-03HA00L
20Cloth Battery Case RH40175G-03HA00R
21Left Dome11353P-67

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19536P-72 (03/16)