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Model H10-76
Replaces the H-157/AIC headset while providing greater protection and superior performance.

  • Undercut Comfort-Gel Ear Seal for Improved Comfort.[ORDER]
  • Low Impedance
  • Most popular noise attenuating headset ever produced for use with military radios.
  • Standard headset of the U.S. Air Force, NATO and most airborne command centers.
  • AWAC's, under command of NATO and the United States, use the H10-76 both in the cockpit and the communication operations.
  • Headset of choice of M.A.T.S. pilots.
  • Also used in ground support operations.
  • Coiled cord terminates into a U-174/U plug.

Available in One Configuration:

NSN 5965-01-390-9240
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