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Electronic Noise Cancelling Aviation Headsets

H10-13 XL/XP
H10-56 HXL/XP


  • Super Soft Head Pad [ORDER]
  • New Comfort gel, undercut ear seals [ORDER]
  • Battery Power Module - One 9 volt battery for up to 25 hours of operation.
  • Exclusive, patented flex/wire boom for easy, precise microphone placement.
  • Reduced headband pressure.
  • Pilot Selectable Automatic-Shut Off Feature.
  • M-7A noise canceling electret microphone provides clear, crisp transmission.
  • Stereo compatible for use with stereo intercom and cabin entertainment systems.
  • Weight (without cord assembly): 18 oz.
  • Technical Specifications
The ENC Story: A brief explanation of Electric Noise Cancellation
XL-9V Battery Module Instructions
For information, contact Customer Service at 1-800-298-6235
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